Giancarlo Scalia - pianist composer
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Compositions are listed by year from most recent to earliest. Click on titles for more information and recordings.

Giancarlo Scalia is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre. Scores of his works are available for purchase or loan through their website.

List of Compositions


Gewissen gegen Gewalt
Orchestra, 10min30


Voice and piano, 4min


Percussion, 14min

À une passante
Saxophone quartet, 9min


Orchestra, 15min

Violin and tape, 4min

Éclats et souvenirs
String quartet, 5min15


Malgré tout, il arriva que...
Brass ensemble, 9min30

Je ne sais qui être
High or low voice and piano, 2min

Les Yeux d'une fille dans un cimetière
Quintet (fl/cl/vln/cllo/pno), 9min30


Violin, 4min30

Piano, 9min30

Three Miniatures
Clarinet, 5min30


Soprano, french horn and piano, 6min30


Cello and piano, 10min30

Flute, 4min

Krotki preludium
Piano, 2min

Je me souviens en toi...
String quintet and piano, 3min30


Profondo, quintet and piano, 3min

Goodbye Edna, Film music, 12min
Commission from director Hossein Arian. Premiered in November 2009 at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, Montreal, CA

Three Short Pieces, piano, 4min15

Deux petits mouvements, flute, clarinet and piano, 3min

Piano, 8min30

Lament From Another Continent
Piano, 6min

Un fou, high voice and piano, 4min30
Text by Stephanie Myriam Rochon.
Premiered in September 2011 as part of an IPPI Foundation concert, Maison des Jeunesses musicales du Canada. Montreal, CA
Rebecca Arrouvel, soprano. Giancarlo Scalia, piano.


Rhapsody, piano and wind orchestra, 10min15
Commission from l'Orchestre d'Harmonie Leonardo da Vinci. Premiered in June 2009 at the Centro Leonardo da Vinci in Montreal, CA. Orchestre d'Harmonie Leonardo da Vinci. Claude Ledoux, conductor. Giancarlo Scalia, piano.

Voler, pero no podar, Film music, 3min
Commission from director Raimundo Morte. Premiered in October 2009 as part of the 2008 Liber Feria Internacional del Libro at the Sala Almazen, Barcelona, Spain.

Duet, piano and tape, 4min45
Premiered in February 2009 as part of Cegeps en spectacle at the Salle Marie-Stephane in Montreal, CA. Giancarlo Scalia, piano.

Aria for Strings, string orchestra, 8min
Commission from the Vincent d'Indy string orchestra. Premiered in December 2008 at the Salle Marie-Stephane in Montreal, CA. Vincent d'Indy String Orchestra. Sven Meier, conductor.

Minimalist Pieces, piano, 9min


Traversantes, piano, 3min30
Premiered in September 2006 at the Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal, CA. Giancarlo Scalia, piano.

Ripples in Time, Film music, 1h
Commission from the Laurier Macdonald Media Foundation. Premiered in February 2006 at the Centro Leonardo da Vinci in Montreal, CA.


Five Early Pieces
Piano, 14min


Rondo Facile, 1 piano, 8 hands, 1min30
Commission of Dr. Angela Chan. Premiered in December 2004 et the Maison Trestler in Vaudreuil-Dorion, CA. Sihan Guo, Emily To, Jacqueline To and Kathleen Wong, piano.

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