Orchestra (2/2/2/2-4/2/2/1-timp-strings), 10min
July-October 2019

Commissioned by the West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Score and parts available through the Canadian Music Centre.


Recording: Live Performance, West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra; Jean-Pascal Hamelin; May 12, 2019, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal


This composition is inspired by it’s recipient. In writing for a youth orchestra, I wanted to translate the youth (or small) aspect into various characteristics of the work such as instrumentation, difficulty of execution, musical complexity and duration.

This work is a micro-symphony of 10 minutes in three short movements. The first movement is a sort of traditional sonata form with an exposition of two themes, development and recapitulation. The second movement, for strings only, is more lyrical and in a continuous form. The last allegro movement is of folkloric character and in a rondo form that uses material from the first movement as it’s second theme.

The musical material is generated through the use of a 10-note mode. The mode is used in it’s entity in the first movement and in generally abridged forms for the other two movements. The leading note is always absent and I often use very consonant harmony without it’s tonal functions.



May 12, 2019, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal, Canada, West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra; Jean-Pascal Hamelin, conductor.

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