“This was a hectic bedroom farce and it was important that the the acting keep up with the exacting pace of the music. It did! Giancarlo Scalia directed and performed the entire accompaniment with great enthusiasm and power.”

Daphna Levit, Opera Canada
Review of Offenbach’s La Jolie Parfumeuse
Halifax Summer Opera Festival, 2023

“Tom Kitt’s Tony-winning rock score carries you through all of Diana’s ups and downs with soulful energy, especially when performed by a band as talented as this six-person group, under the guidance of gifted Musical Director/Pianist Giancarlo Scalia. It was worth the price of admission for the concert alone, but thankfully
this production had much more to offer.”

James Gartler,
Review of Kitt’s Next to Normal, Contact Theatre, 2022

“Il a été un virtuose précoce du piano, en plus d’avoir commencé à composer à l’adolescence, mais il est aujourd’hui un des répétiteurs vocaux les plus sollicités en ce moment à Montréal et ailleurs.”

Frédéric Cardin, L’Opéra Revue québécoise d’art lyrique, Été 2018

“On stage with his back to the audience, talented accompanist Giancarlo Scalia played superbly. Scalia kept moving breezily, and the singers were comfortable with the chosen tempi. In particular, the energetic overture, the beautiful opening to Act Two (written for solo trumpet in the orchestral version) were Scalia’s musical highlights. Overall, the singing, acting, and musical accompaniment were excellent.”

Marco Monteferrante, La Scena Musicale
Review of Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, Opéra immédiat, 2019

“For the Montreal production , this powerful rock musical was enhanced by the lovely voices from all the cast members as well as the dynamic performance of the 6 talented live musicians who brought their energy to the performance led by pianist and musical director Giancarlo Scalia.”

Genevieve P.M. Roy, Mountain Lake PBS
Review of Kitt’s Next to Normal, Contact Theatre, 2022

“La 27esima edizione della Settimana Italiana di Montréal si è conclusa in grande stile, domenica 23 agosto, con il concerto lirico. I più grandi classici dell’opera italiana sono stati interpretati da artisti eccezionali, accompagnati da un pianista di altissimo profilo come Giancarlo Scalia, per uno spettacolo memorabile. […] Scalia studia l’opera
da quando aveva 18 anni ed oggi è anche Maestro.”

Vittorio Giordano, Il Cittadino italiano, August 2020

“Le programme témoigne du sens très fin de Tremblay en matière de musique de notre temps. Les deux partitions, un court essai de jeunesse de Simon Bertrand et une classique exercice cultivé d’opposition de climats de Giancarlo Scalia, qui connaît son Bartok et son Schoenberg (jeune) et les amène dans un univers consonant, sont convaincantes.”

Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, July 2017
Review of Gewissen gegen gewalt, performed by l’Orchestre de la francophonie

“Il suo è un talento naturale sul quale è facile essere d’accordo, al pari del suo modo di suonare, fluido e nitido, frutta di una meticolosa preparazione tecnica. Grazie anche ad una spiccata sensibilità le sue mane accerezzano i tasti del pianoforte che sotto le sue dite vive gia dalle prima note regalando ora momente incisivi ora momenti di indicibile dolcezza.”

Matilde Salvatore, Corriere italiano, June 2009

“As a dramatic film, Ripples in Time called for very special music. That’s where Giancarlo Scalia came in. A seasoned piano prodigy with several recitals to his credit, Giancarlo Scalia is already a seasoned virtuoso.”

J.D. Gravenor, Montreal Gazette, April 2006

“In the performance department, child prodigies aren’t infrequent. But rare is the adolescent with compositional skills, rarer still one who can craft pieces-be they solo piano works or, more recently, orchestral-of such complexity, nuance and emotional substance.”

Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, January 2006
Review of recording of compositions Sogno d’amore (Liebestraum)

“His style is romantic, lyrical, and at times boyishly brusque, the work of a wunderkind awaiting your discovery”

Isa Tousignant, Hour, December 2005
Review of recording of compositions Sogno d’amore (Liebestraum)

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